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A creativity journal to supercharge the quantity (and quality) of your ideas.

Wish you were a "creative person"? Here's a little secret: you already ARE! You just have to awaken those "muscles"again. With 180+ brainstorming worksheets, inspiring quotes and tips and tricks, the 10 ideas creativity journal is the perfect tool.


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If you don't know who he is...

This is Sevan Bomar.


He's the developer and operator of the popular websites The Resistance and Astral Quest. 

He's also our inspiration for the KTS creativity journal.

 James has not endorsed KTS Creativity journal. His image is used for illustrative purposes. 


How it works

Pick a subject.


How it works

Pick a subject.

Any subject. Could be a problem that needs a solution. Or something you want to improve. Or books you want to write. It really doesn't matter. Then, you just come up with 10 ideas (or more). Some of them will be good. Some of them will be awful. Some will be stupid. Don't judge yourself. Just let the ideas flow.

When you do this every day, you'll notice a big change. Ideas will come easier. And faster. And better. Pretty soon, you'll notice a positive transformation in every aspect of your life.

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My kind of journal

 I am guilty of having collected dozens of journals and notebooks throughout my life, with the same results every time: excitedly writing in them for a few days (or a few weeks if I'm lucky) and then slowly forgetting about them- mostly due to the amount of time and energy it takes to keep one up. If you're like me- this is the perfect answer! It truly takes 5 minutes to fill out the section and it is difficult to find an excuse NOT to do it each day. Has been fuelling my creativity every day. :) 

Micah S.

The source



Check out our frequently asked questions

 How do I use the journal? 

 Use the brainstorming worksheets to write down 10 ideas a day. It's really important you do this every day. This is how you'll prime your brain, exercise your creative muscles and develop your creativity. Feeling tired? Do it. Have a cold? Still do it. Christmas Eve? Open your presents. Enjoy your friends and family. Then, do it! :) As days and weeks go by, you'll notice ideas come easier. Solutions to pesky problems of yours... surface naturally. You become generous with your ideas. The world retributes with smiles. And gratitude. And admiration. Can you feel it? Yes, you've become an idea machine! You'll look forward to tackling tough situations, 'cause you know you're ready. Challenges will become opportunities to generate solutions. And it'll feel FREAKIN' AMAZING. 

 What should I brainstorm about? 

 Everything. Anything. What are the problems that need solutions in your life? Or in your mom's life? Or in your friend's life? Or in a stranger's life? Brainstorm on what to brainstorm. Brainstorm on what NOT to brainstorm. Brainstorm on how you can brainstorm better. Come up with 10 ways you could ask for a raise. 10 things you could do if you quit your job. 10 ideas on….. It really doesn't matter. The important thing is that you're giving your brain a workout. And it'll be that much stronger for it. 

 Why just 10 ideas? 

 Coming up with two or three ideas is pretty easy. Add in a couple more, you won't have to try THAT hard. But when you get to idea number six or seven, your brain starts to sweat. You start feeling resistance. That burning feeling. That's what you want. Developing your creativity is like going to the gym: no pain, no gain! 

 What should I do if I get stuck? 

 Don't despair. Also, don't be too hard on yourself. It's perfectly normal (and expected) to hit creative road bumps. Take a deep breath. Try approaching it from another angle. Try to think of crazy ideas. Ridiculous ideas. Things that would never work. Even stupid ideas. Let go of your ego. It's only you and your ideas, now. And it feels (damn) good to let your mind be free. If that doesn't work. Go for a walk outside. Do 10 pushups. Read a chapter of a fiction book. Meditate. Take a shower. Call your mom. And then re-open the journal. And finish it. 

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